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Tiers of LOVE!

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought I'd share a quick and easy color reveal heart tutorial.This is a fun technique that can be done with lots of shapes and color combinations.

To create this design I started with a 6x5" and a 4x4" square cake covered in light pink fondant. I chose a deeper pink modeling chocolate for the overlay and accent pieces. You'll need an xacto knife, cutting mat, veining tool or square reveal cutter, waxed paper, shortening, and the heart template.

Here is a FREE downloadable PDF template for a 6x5" tall square cake. This will give you a 3" heart. You can certainly size this template for any cake dimension.

- Coat the back of the printout with a thin layer of shortening.

- Roll out modeling chocolate to 1/8" thick and adhere to waxed paper with shortening for an easy release.

- Using one of two methods trace the pattern onto the modeling chocolate. (1) use a veining tool (2) imprint with my square reveal cutter.

Use and xacto and ruler to cut each line or save some time with the reveal cutter. Trim the bottom of your modeling chocolate.

Remove the paper template.

Flip the modeling chocolate and peel the waxed paper from the backside carefully to avoid ripping.

Place the modeling chocolate against the covered cake, adhering top, bottom and sides with water. Using the veining tool lift each of the cuts to reveal the heart pattern. Trim the top and sides of the modeling chocolate panel to complete your tier.

Paneling is the best covering method to create reveal designs. For more information check out these classes on Bluprint: Creative Cut for Color Reveals and Covering Cakes in Fondant.

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