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My 8th Bluprint class is LIVE!

Exciting news coming your way! My newest class just launched on Bluprint and I have a couple of surprises that you won't want to miss, so be sure to keep reading!

Here's a peek at Show-Stopping Pour-Through Cakes. Yes, "you can have your cake and drink from it too." I'm sure that's a popular saying somewhere. Wink, wink!

Let me just say this class is filled with so many techniques!!!! I'll list a few and leave some to be discovered when you watch the class.

The inner structure is the key that will allow you to serve champagne, or any beverage, from your cakes. It's a super fun party trick that will leave everyone speechless. You'll learn how to sketch a design and add the inner structure for measuring purposes. I also share my favorite places for purchasing the right food safe items to complete your project! I've even complied an Amazon shop with tools from the class to make it easy for you to get everything you need.

You may have noticed there are some templates in the above photo. Well... that is surprise number one! I created a set of acrylic templates to help you draw your "Cake Silhouettes!" Not only are the helpful time savers when sketching but they are adorable too! The set includes round, square, and hexagon shapes along with a ruler and pencil, all enclosed in an inspiring pouch for safe keeping. Click here for more info.

A full length Cake Silhouette tutorial is coming soon on my YouTube channel. And if you'd like to purchase them, don't forget to use the code SKETCHIT at checkout for a special savings. Only my loyal followers will have a chance to save some dough! And here's surprise number two... You can enter to WIN a set of your own for FREE along with my class.

Another technique I share in this class is called the "Shadow Effect." I was inspired by those digital animation cakes to play with light and cake together. What I discovered is that you can create a secondary pattern when light is shined on specially placed cake decorations. It takes a little extra effort to make this come together flawlessly but the outcome is worth it! I have more information coming soon about my special line of "Shadow Effect" cutters. We'll be kicking off the line with the peony floral cutter used in this class.

I hope you have a chance to watch my newest class. I promise you will be blown away by the sheer amount of information presented!

You can purchase the class individually on Bluprint or buy a subscription package. For a limited time only, Bluprint’s less than $5/month. Start your free trial now and get making!

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