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Black Beauty Cake

When I have the opportunity to create a cake with no limitations, I try to elevate current trends or create something totally unique. The black beauty cake pulls together one of the hottest trends, black cakes, with two other top trends: Metallic colors and texture!!! In addition, I enjoy walking through decor stores to find inspiration. I stumbled upon some beautiful candleholders at Z Gallerie that got my creative juices flowing.

I wanted to incorporate the golden circles not only as a unique focal point but as the symbolism of the rings a couple might exchange. I decided to add a more modern feel by using flowers and leaves in complementing metallic colors of silver and rose gold. Three different textural elements were used to accent the focal point including simmered pearl strips, beaded crystal clusters, and stitched lines.

Working with a single color palette to create multiple textures is always a challenge. Black on black or white on white designs make it difficult to actually see the decor. Finding the right texture that reflects the light is key to making sure the decorations don't get lost.

Watch my Black Beauty cake come together step by step...

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