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"Cake Logistics from Start to Finish"

"Cake Logistics from Start to Finish" is my most recent Craftsy class. In this class I share my time-tested techniques for running a professional and successful business. You'll learn food storage practices, a variety of stacking techniques, how to store your cakes to avoid that dreaded condensation, the best methods for transporting your cakes, as well how to disassemble and cut cakes while avoiding common — and easy to make — mistakes. I've even included a toolkit supply list, shelf life guides, and cake cutting tips both for you and your clients.

Use Coupon Code: INSTRUCTORENROLL to save 33% on one full price class (code expires on 3-31-18)

I have received a number of questions about the products I used in class so I thought I'd pull together a quick reference guide for you!

You can find just about all of the supplies I use listed in my Amazon store. Everything from my favorite ingredients to my preferred mixer and baking pans. But there are a few items you can't find on Amazon (I know, I''m shocked too!), so I've linked to those items below. If you don't see what you'll looking for, feel free to shoot me an email and I'd be happy to direct you.

CakeSafe is offering a 10% discount that is valid for all of their products, and there's no minimum order amount, but it is only valid on 1 order per customer!

Use promo code: iicd10

If you need any other ideas for what to buy aside from the CakeSafe, might I recommend the xtend-a-turntable and acrylic icing scrapers!

These clear hat boxes are great for transporting smaller tiers! I love that they are super easy to clean as well!

Sugar structures come in kits designed for a specific cake design, but the armature can be adapted for any style of cake you'd like to create.

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