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CakeSafe Giveaway!!!

Yep, you read that right! CakeSafe has generously donated a "Mini/Tall" CakeSafe to giveaway to one of my fabulous followers! In honor of the launch of my newest Craftsy class: Cake Logistics from Start to Finish, one winner will receive the Mini/Tall CakeSafe for FREE! This is by far the best and safest way to transport your cakes!!!

The CakeSafe is a transportation system for moving cakes, large and small. The materials used to create the box, and the way it’s constructed make for stress-free deliveries. Your cakes are protected from rain, wind, heat, and anything airborne like dust or pollen, any sudden or unexpected movements, bumpy rides, and sudden stops. You can drive like a “normal” person, at “normal” speeds for hours under normal conditions and never have to worry that your cake will melt, shift, or fall. Really!

I love my CakeSafe, well both of them! Yes, I have two because they are that awesome and I like having a small and a large option. Here's the thing I love most though... The center rod keep your cake from shifting in transport, even on an airplane! Seriously a stress-free delivery!!!

The Tall/Mini CakeSafe is designed for cakes up to 12" wide and 21" tall. *Actual Inner Dimensions are 14" x 22"​

Enter to win a CakeSafe below.

Sorry this Contest is open to US only!

Contest ends on March 26th at 4pm MST

A huge thank you to CakeSafe for donating to this giveaway. Please support them in any way you can. Should you choose to purchase anything, they've offered a 10% discount that is valid for all of their products, and there's no minimum order amount, but it is only valid on 1 order per customer!

Use promo code: iicd10

and if you need any other ideas for what to buy aside from the CakeSafe, might I recommend the xtend-a-turntable and acrylic icing scrapers!

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