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Cardinals, Pinecones, & Mercury Glass

When I think about my favorite Christmas traditions, decorating the mantle is high on my list… right after baking cookies and trimming the tree.

My inspiration for this cake is a snowy pine cone wreath filled with red cardinals and glass ornaments, as well as a stunning mercury glass vase with white florals and silver tinsel. I combined elements of both inspiration pieces to create this simply stated cake that is full of details.

The base of this cake was created by texturing a modeling chocolate panel that was then coated in silver leaf transfer sheets to give the shimmering effect of Mercury glass.

I also used silver leaf on thin wires to create the look of tinsel. The pine cones were made from modeling chocolate and sprayed with luster to give the texture of snow. I hand sculpted the cardinal and added hand painted details to bring him to life.

Photography : Shannon Von Eshen Pine Cones & Silver Leaf Tutorials :: Sugar Snippets Inspiration Photo :: Midwest Living via Two Inspire Design

Originally appeared on The Cake Blog (2013)

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