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Easy Santa Cake

Since it's the holiday season and I love fun and easy projects, I thought I'd share this super easy Santa Belt cake design with all of you. It's a perfect treat to take to a holiday party or to give as a gift to a friend, loved one, or even your child's teacher.

Santa Belt Cake


6 inch round cake (5” tall)

10 inch round cake board

Red Fondant

White fondant or Modeling chocolate (MC)

Gold MC

Black MC


Belt - Roll black MC to a 1/8“ thick. Cut into strip 2” wide and approximately 22-24 inches long. Use Square cutter to cut the end of the belt or use a knife to trim corners. Use a #8 tip to cut belt notches.

Belt Buckle - Roll gold MC to a 1/4” thick. Use 2.5” square cutter to cut out inner square of buckle. Using a ruler, cut the outer edge of buckle by hand so that the buckle itself has 1/4” wide sides. Cut out a piece for the middle bar and attach. Cut a small piece for the belt latch. Spray with gold or pearl shimmer and let dry prior to assembling cake.

Fur - Roll white MC to a 1/3” thick, cut strip to be 1 1/2” wide and use the end of a small spoon to “fluff”.

Ho Ho Ho - Cut out using whimsical tap-its, roll red MC to 1/16” thick.


  1. Bake and ice a cake in buttercream, let chill.

  2. Cover cake board with white fondant.

  3. Cover cake in red fondant and place on white board.

  4. Attach white “fur” and fluff.

  5. Measure center of the cake and then attach belt buckle.

  6. Add belt, weave into buckle and trim excess.

  7. Attach the belt latch last.

  8. Adhere “Ho, Ho, Ho” to board

If you need help perfecting your cake skills, check out Craftsy for some helpful tips and classes. There are a few basic classes offered for free to help you get started, but here's a link for all their classes currently on sale... Click here!

Photos by Shannon Von Eschen

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