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Key Lime Tart

Summertime calls for light and refreshing desserts. This key lime tart will certainly fill those requirements and so much more.

I am all about simple and easy recipes. You know, the ones where you can just throw the ingredients in a bowl and voila... it's ready. Well, this one is pretty close but it will take a little finesse to get it just right. The crust is light and flaky. It really can be filled with anything, like a custard with fresh fruit or something savory like goat cheese and apricots drizzled with honey. The options are endless. For summer I like citrus flavors, so key lime curd is my go to flavor. It is tangy with a hint of sweetness. This curd can made in a variety of flavors too, just substitute the key lime juice with the juice of your choice. (I happen to really love this with mango juice too!)

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