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Baking Blogs

Ever feel stuck and need some inspiration when it coming to baking? That happens around here a lot, so I wanted to share my top three favorite baking blogs with all of you. These are my goto sites when I need to try something new.

Okay you probably saw that one coming, because of course, I love Craftsy! Not only do they have fabulous classes, but they also feature lots of FREE recipes, baking and decorating tips, as well as business advice. They have a great selection of guest bloggers that share it all and don't miss a single detail in their step by step instructions.

I have been a long time fan of Carrie Sellman and her blog! (I think she is celebrating 10 years!) Careful... this site is addictive! You can spend hours looking at beautiful cake inspiration, tempting your tastebuds with recipes, and learning a few things in the tutorials. It's pretty easy to find just about any holiday themed cake or dessert you'd like to make since she does a great job featuring ideas for every season.

Alright, this one isn't a traditional blog, but more of a modern day video blog? Does YouTube count as a blog? Anyways, Man About Cake is one of my favorite places to find inspiration and have a good laugh. JJR is hilarious and full of knowledge when it comes to cake! I may be partial to a particular geode episode. ;)

What are your favorite blogs???

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